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Symbolism is another great effect from Paul Carnazzo for the mentalist!

It appears to be an authentic "Telepathy Testing Card" from the National Institute of Parapsychology.

Perfect walkabout and close-up mentalism! This is a complete routine that fits neatly in your wallet! Be ready to perform a complete routine with just one compact card!

The card is about the same width as a credit card, but a little longer, so it fits perfectly in a standard credit card slot in any wallet (the same size as the Test Conditions card). On it are several tests that are used to test both the spectator's and the performer's 'telepathic ability'.

The first effect:

A spectator is handed a set of folded instructions, and asked not to read them yet. He is told to try to pick up on what the instructions are telepathically. He is then asked to name one of the symbols shown on the card. Let's say he names the cylinder. The instructions are opened by the spectator and read out loud...the instructions read "PLEASE CHOOSE THE CYLINDER". The spectator was able to pick up on the instructions telepathically!

Next, three spectators are each asked to think of a symbol on a grid of 16 symbols. The performer immediately begins to reveal some information about each spectator's chosen symbols...then reveals all three symbols correctly! (At no time are the spectators asked any questions, nor is anything written down!)

There are two excellent BONUS effects included!

Note the following points:
•Nothing is written down by the spectators.
•The card is un-gimmicked and can be handled by the spectator freely.
•The spectators make free choices.
•Compact! The above 'tests' are on one card that fits neatly in your wallet for a complete routine anytime!
•No progressive anagrams.
•No "instant stooges" or "dual reality".
•The card appears to spectators to be an authentic testing tool.
•The card is un-gimmicked and can be handled by the spectator quite freely.
•Card is durable and will last a long time!

Includes double-sided Symbolism Test Card and 19-page instruction manual.

"The wallet cards are excellent and I highly recommend them" - Bob Cassidy.

"These are wonderful. They look genuine and innocent but are loaded to the hilt with powerful mind-magic!"
- Ben Harris.

"It's a great treat to welcome such a creative mind into the fold and I look forward to many more clever creations from a very clever thinker." - Gerry Hennesey.

"a flexible assortment of quick, strong demonstrations that can be done individually or together" - Joshua Quinn.

"Very usable stuff and highly recommended..."
- Christopher Taylor.

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