Borrowed Ring to Mini Top Hat Box

Borrowed Ring to Mini Top Hat Box

Product ID: 1994

This is a startling and unusual effect in which a borrowed ring magically disappears only to reappear in a closed box shaped like a mini top hat.

You show a closed Mini Top Hat and give it to a member of the audience to keep safely.

Next, you borrow a lady’s ring which you cause to vanish without a trace using your favourite method. (No vanishing prop is supplied but are readily available on this website if you don’t already own one).

The top hat proves to be a novelty box which, when this is opened, it is seen to contain a ring.

This is tipped out and passed to the owner who identifies it as the one she loaned earlier; her very own ring!

Borrowed Ring to Mini Top Hat Box is easy to do and comes with the special novel Mini Top Hat Box, secret method and instructions. Use your won ring.

A feature effect that you will love performing.

"The Borrowed Ring in Mini Top Hat is really wonderful. It will provide the climax I have been searching for in your 'The Missing Ring'" Allen Tipton.

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