Hunting The Headlines

Hunting The Headlines

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From several different newspapers a spectator freely chooses one. The spectator now selects any double page from that paper, which is then torn into small shreds.

With several small pieces in their own hands, the spectator now chooses any one and then reads off a few words from this out aloud. Incredibly, the performer has already correctly predicted the very same line of print!

Magicians & mentalists worldwide have featured this effect during their performances in cabaret, on the television, at theatres, clubs and even close-up. It has been performed by legendary names such as Ted Annemann, Burling Volta Hull, The Great Fogel and Bob Nelson, naming just a few of the famous showmen involved.

This unique booklet explains no less than TWELVE tried and tested methods to enable you to also perform this true classic of mentalism. Our detailed instructions include the fantastic Maurice Fogel Presentation, exactly as noted by Eddie Burke plus the author’s own updated version.

All of the methods explained inside this detailed 18-page Booklet are completely practical and have been audience-tested many hundreds of times. All the presentations are extremely easy to do.

Why not send for this clear, concise and easy-to-understand publication now? Spend a fascinating evening learning your choice of the routines and then have a sensational top feature effect that you will never leave out of your show! Send for your copy today!

“Both my orders received safely. I must say that I am delighted with the information. Especially impressed by ‘Hunting the Headlines’. Wonderful stuff.” Bert Taylor Glasgow, Scotland.

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