Wand Thru' Body - Waiting for new stock

Wand Thru' Body - Waiting for new stock

Product ID: 2002

Out of stock. Magician takes the wand and magically pushes it into a spectator's body. Then the wand is pulled out without leaving a mark!

Despite its low cost Wand Thru' Body can be a lot of fun. Eddie used one to "unblock" a boy's ear when using a Funny Funnel. Appearing to push the wand into one ear and pull it out of the opposite ear - the results were hilarious!

Can also be shown as a mini wand that's not big enough for your magic - so you stretch it until it is. It is the ideal way to approach a table. "Do you want mini magic or big magic folks?"

Eddie has also used it for the popular wand from purse. "I am a mystic - and here's my stick!" Producing the wand from the purse.

At the end of the show the wand appears to be pushed back into the purse (having switched the purse on your table), and then the purse either shown empty or a jumbo coin drops from it - your fee for the show! Use your own purses.

Comes with the special plastic 9.5 inches long white-tipped Wand & instructions. 1 in stock.

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