Chainti Imp Bottle - De Luxe

Chainti Imp Bottle - De Luxe

Product ID: 2014

A small Chianti Bottle is removed from the pocket and shown to the audience, and while the bottle could only hold a few drops of liquid, sadly it is empty.

However the history of Chianti goes back to 1716, and this tiny bottle is special in many ways.

"Did you ever wonder why wine and other alcohols are called spirits? well let me show you!" you say.

You place the bottle on its side so that the neck is touching the table and it stays there, claiming that the mystical spirits are holding it down.

You now pass the bottle to anyone and invite them to repeat what you just did laying the bottle down, but no matter how they try the bottle jumps upright again.

You call on the spirits to your assistance and again you lay the bottle on its side but no one else can do this!

An intriguing well-made magical mystery that will fit into your pocket and is always ready to perform. No magnets, wax or threads are used. Very easy to do!

Comes with the de luxe Chainti Imp bottle & instructions.

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