Bongo Hat

Bongo Hat

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Please don't confuse this with the cheaper versions; this is a quality product that you will be proud to own and perform. A super children's show bit of business.

You show a blue hat, which you place on your young helper's head. Oops, it's too small so you expand it into a bigger green hat.

No, still too small so you make it into an even bigger red hat.

Not big enough (by this time the hat is getting ridiculously large), so you expand it into a bigger polka dot hat.

You do it again, and turn it into a giant striped hat! And, when you turn the striped hat around, there's a really funny Giant's Face on the other side that will make the children go in hysterical laughter!

Comes with the Bongo Hat, silk-screened on a special bookbinder's material made from plastic & instructions.

Only £19.99

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