Triple Cube Prediction

Triple Cube Prediction

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You freely display a drawstring bag and you remove from the bag six cubes and hand them to a spectator, two have red spots on each of their six sides, two have black, and two have green spots. All are freely shown and can be examined.

There are three more cubes in the drawstring bag as your prediction, a spectator is allowed to feel these through the bag and confirm there are only three cubes inside, but without anyone seeing the colours of your prediction at this point.

The spectator is invited to choose any three of the six cubes that they hold and arrange them in any order on the table.

Thus they may arrange two reds and a black; two blacks and a green; two greens and a red or one of each colour and so on, they have a perfectly free choice and may change their mind at any point.

You now remove the three cubes from the bag one by one without exchange and show that you have exactly predicted the same coloured cubes combination that the spectator has so freely formed!

A truly astounding effect that is easy to do.

Comes complete with all the cubes, bag & instructions.

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