Three Cards In Mind!

Three Cards In Mind!

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Three audience members assist in your ‘miracle’. Three large sealed envelopes are given to one participant to mix, who then directs the envelopes to be placed in any order on the seat of three chairs. The three participants sit on top of the envelopes –in any order. Three bags are given one each to the spectators and these can be thoroughly examined.

You show a jumbo pack of cards. All the cards are different and a full pack is genuinely shown both back and faces. Each participant gets a third of the pack. Again, each packet of cards is fanned to show that each person has a mixed and different set of cards.

Participants now shuffle their portions of the pack. You take a card from the first participant’s packet and write a prediction on it. The rest of the packet is handed back to the person concerned, who again shuffles them. You drop your prediction card into this spectator’s bag, which the spectator takes charge of. Participant now selects any card, which is also dropped inside their bag. This is now repeated with the other two spectators.

Participants now remove both cards from their bags. Each in turn reads out aloud your prediction, and then turns over their selected jumbo card. You have correctly predicted the very card they have selected!

Each now stands and opens the envelope they have been sitting on since the very commencement. Each removes a GIANT card back outwards to the audience. Please note, there is positively only ONE giant card in each envelope. The envelopes can be examined and torn apart should you wish. The participants hold their giant card backs to the audience in one hand and the selected cards faces to the audience in their other hand. At your signal, they all turn over their giant card, and each giant card exactly matches their jumbo card selection!

We supply three unfaked bags, three unfaked large envelopes, three unfaked giant cards and a jumbo pack of playing cards - a genuine pack of 52 plus Jokers (but you could use any jumbo pack or a regular size deck if you so wish)together with a special marking pen.

You also get our concise Mr. E instructions, so that you can feature this stunner in your next show. What more could you ask for?!

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