Your Zodiac Sign (Eddie Burke)

Your Zodiac Sign (Eddie Burke)

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You show a small folder to contain a single card, please note the folder is completely unfaked and it really does contain a single card. You put an unfaked paper clip onto the folder to keep it closed and then place it in full view.

Next, you show the twelve signs of the Zodiac printed on twelve different cards. Each card has one zodiac sign boldly printed on it, the card backs are seen as well. The twelve cards are added to the one card inside the folder, making thirteen in all.

Please note, only thirteen cards are used – there is no extras concealed anywhere.

A lady is asked to simply think of her own Zodiac sign and indicate when she sees it.

One by one, you remove the cards making a display on the table. Twelve cards are removed – one is the lady’s sign. You demonstrate that only one card remains inside the folder – and there really is just one card left, remember no extra cards are used. The lady names her Zodiac sign - let's say she is ‘TAURUS’. It can be any sign; there is no force involved. You slowly open the folder to display inside is the thirteenth card and it is ‘TAURUS’!

The folder can be immediately examined. The effect is almost self-working – so much so that you will be performing it in no time at all.

Your Zodiac Sign is ideal for close-up work. Now released here for the very first time.

Comes complete with the special thirteen laminated Zodiac cards and full clear instructions.

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