Sponge Bananas Junior

Sponge Bananas Junior

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This junior Sponge Bananas set contains four medium and four baby sized sponge bananas that are perfect compliments to Alan Wong's full size sponge bananas, or used separately for all your favourite sponge routines.

You can multiply them in the hands of small children and watch them go wild! Collect all three sizes and you can create your own growing or shrinking sponge bananas routine!

Comes with basic routine and instructions, contained in a durable zipped nylon bag as the practical working professionals would pack them.

Like all sponge products in Wong's line, each sponge banana is handmade and painted with great patience and care.

"What is it about the sight of a banana that makes an audience instantly smile? We may never know, but Alan Wong's sponge bananas are the finest sculpted and painted that I have ever seen." - David Regal.

"I'm a children's entertainer with over 15 years of performing experience & use many of Alan Wong's props, such as his sponge sushi and ice-cream cones. His latest product - Sponge Bananas Junior - is of the same excellent quality, with vivid, authentic colors." - Bernard Mariano.

"A great Comedy item to have in your close-up or children's show" - Barry Khoo.

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