X - Ray Card - Giant A4 size

X - Ray Card - Giant A4 size

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A fantastic comedy novelty that you will enjoy performing and do so often.

A spectator selects a playing card and hides it behind his back. You show your special X-ray plates to be blank & then hold them against the spectator’s chest.

They are told to take a big deep breath and you count from one to five. The plates are magically developed and there is an X-Ray picture of the spectator’s rib cage and lungs AND their chosen card!

In an alternative presentation the entire audience can see the X-Ray picture without the participant seeing it and can all call out the name of the hidden card without the participant having the slightest idea how it is done!

We supply a change of playing card for repeat performances.

You can use any pack of playing cards and your own favourite force but we also include details of two really good ones.

X-Ray Card comes complete with full instructions and is easy-to-do. The perfect ice breaker. Why not see into this right NOW!

X-Ray Card comes in two sizes A4 (approx 210 x 297) for stage & cabaret shows and A5 (approx 148 x 210) for close-up, parlour & walkabout acts. Cards are laminated and with care will give you a lifetime of hilarious shows.

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