Backstage Vanishing Elephant - Sale item 2018

Backstage Vanishing Elephant - Sale item 2018

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The picture tells the story of this fabulous effect that will find instant appeal in both your children and adults’ shows.

Two wooden plaques are shown and placed upright on a tray that has a heavy drape at its front and sides.

A colourful wooden picture of an elephant is placed in between the plaques and you say a magic word. When the plaques are removed showing both sides of each as you do so, the elephant has GONE!

The audience are not so easily fooled however, and insist that you show them under the drape where they suspect that the elephant is hiding!

After suitable build up, you turn the tray around admitting that the elephant is underneath it – and the entire audience can see the elephant picture held by tapes or ribbons under the tray – they are not impressed.

Explaining that this is the way magicians used to vanish an elephant underneath a draped stage – you offer to vanish it for real this time – a magic word and the drape is completely torn off the tray (where it is attached by good old Velcro) and this time there is no sign of the elephant, it has truly disappeared without trace!

Nicely made of wood and with a quality drape – this will be a big winner in your show that you will feature for many years. Easy to do!

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