Nail Thru' Head

Nail Thru' Head

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Tommy Cooper loved this gag. He would walk on with the giant nail apparently sticking through his head saying, "Just been doing a bit of do it yourself - it's given me a splitting headache!"

It's a guaranteed laughter maker and a real ice breaker for your shows especially as you remove it showing how it loops over your head as you remark, "Right - I'll take it off for tomorrow night!"

Fiendishly funny! Horribly hilarious! You too can be a wonderfully weird 'NUT' case!

Not a magic trick but a great gag. Made of plastic and surprisingly realistic. Don't confuse this with a cheaper inferior version sold elsewhere. Nail is silver coloured and 18" long,the Headpiece is 4.25"H X 5.75"W.

Also available Arrow Thru' Head - see elsewhere on our website.

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