Chips with Everything

Chips with Everything

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This is a splendid double prediction style effect using coloured Poker Chips and a simple unfaked bag – everything can be left with the audience at the conclusion. Either effect can also be presented on its own!

Effect number 1: You write a prediction which is left in full view. Then you show a simple bag with three coloured Poker Chips inside – nothing is palmed out and a spectator can place their hand inside the bag to check that three chips are present.

Two spectators each remove one of the chips leaving the third chip for you then your prediction is read out loud by any spectator (no switch of the prediction) and correctly predicts which of the three coloured chips you have been left with!

Everything can be left with the audience to examine.

Effect number 2: A further four chips all of which are the same colour are dropped into the bag. Again a spectator can check that there really are only four chips inside the unfaked bag.

You place a valuable prize upon the table and explain that one of the chips contains a coloured dot in the centre on one side, this is the lucky chip and whoever gets it also receives the prize – a sort of just chance gamble.

Three spectators each choose a chip leaving the last one for you. They all check their chips but no coloured spot is found on any of them.

Anyone turns over your chip and you have the coloured spot so you win the prize!

Alternatively the special guest can magically win the prize.

Comes complete with unfaked bag, Poker Chips & instructions.

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