Colour Changing Hat - Improved

Colour Changing Hat - Improved

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A pointed cloth hat placed on a child’s head continually changes colour from Black to Red, Red to Yellow, Yellow to Green and finally from Green to Blue! (Colours and style may vary).

You can make the hat change colour depending on the colour of the various children’s clothing that are helping you. Or according to the trick you are performing.

With this improved design there is no flash of the forthcoming colours.

The hat is very nicely made in bright colours and is both easy to perform and to reset.

We also supply a routine suggested by Billy McCombe that is ideally suited for table-hopping and grownup performances.

A great way to open your show! Suitable for children or adults’ shows and first produced by Magictrix in the 1970s, made for us by Ray Silver of SilRay Magic of Scotland. No other dealer has been given the rights to sell this EXCLUSIVE and popular item. Only buy this Colour Changing Hat from the originators.

Comes with the specially made improved Colour Changing Hat, instructions & 10 exclusive routines for both children & adults’ shows.

Only £8.95

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