Utility Servante Table Cloth

Utility Servante Table Cloth

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Turn any table into a magic table with this nicely made and very special large black Table Cloth with eye-catching lurex gold edge trimmings, an ideal size to cover a small borrowed table to use in your show.

The cloth also has a secret pocket into which you can easily drop things such as thumb tips, dye tubes, billets, torn centres and any secret device unobserved by your audience.

Also useful to secretly drop things (such as a glass tumbler under cover of a newspaper moulded around it for the classic Tumbler Through Tabletop effect).

Can also be used to obtain things that you may wish to make appear for example a load into a hat or basket.

Ideal to use in both stand-up performances and sitting down at a table now there is no need to lap things - simply drop them into this secret pocket!

Perfect for when giving psychic readings one to one and discarding torn centres and stolen billets and the like.

Every magician needs one of these and they fold up small to take only a little room in your show bag.

Utility Servante approximately 38 inches by 38 inches complete with instructions for use.

Only £10.75

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