Mental Board - Just a few remaining - order now!

Mental Board - Just a few remaining - order now!

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A limited number of this incredible item are now back in stock, special Mental Boards are difficult to get hold of and are sold on a first come - first served basis.

You tear a sheet of paper out of a notebook and place it onto a clipboard. then hand this to a spectator together with a pen and turn your back while the spectator writes any word or number, folds the paper into quarters and conceals it in their hand or pocket.

You take everything else back and appearing to read their mind you can write whatever the spectator wrote onto a sheet of paper.

These small handy size transparent clipboards and paper pads are ideal to carry in your pocket.

The clipboard is supplied with two of the special pocket notepads and full instructions.

Mental Board replacement pads are available; please see elsewhere on this website.

Only £19.95

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