Mini Cards Mystery

Mini Cards Mystery

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The effect of a fan of mini cards magically changing into regular size cards has been around in various forms since the early 1950s at least, here we offer a close-up version of this very popular theme but with an extra startling vanish and reappearance of a chosen card.

You show a hand of six mini-sized playing cards explaining that you were playing cards with a witch and when she saw you had a big hand of cards she put a spell on them and they shrunk to their present small size.

A spectator is requested to be a spell breaker, one of the mini cards is selected and when you gather up the cards they instantly change into regular card size; but now there are only five cards which you freely count from hand to hand showing them front and back with no sign of the minis.

The selected card proves to be the one that has vanished reappearing wherever you, the magician, chooses, in your wallet, pocket or the opposite side of the room!

There is no palming or secretly stealing away any of the cards; it is all in the special cards supplied.

Carry Mini Cards Mystery in your pocket to perform anywhere, anytime and we promise you will have a mini marvel in your hands that will make your audience’s eyes pop out in disbelief!

Comes complete with all the special cards & instructions all ready for you to perform.

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