Mini-Maxi Prediction

Mini-Maxi Prediction

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Mini-Maxi Prediction is an unusual, perverse and startling prediction effect that is close-up card magic at its very best, based on ideas by Carl Lohrey & John Hamman.

You spread a mini-sized pack of playing cards faces down across the table and the audience see a mini card among them with a different coloured back. This odd backed card is removed and placed in full view to one side as your mini prediction card.

The rest of the mini pack is now scooped up for a card to be selected and it instantaneously changes into a full complete pack of regular Poker Size Bicycle cards which is spread so all the faces can be seen to be different.

In a sort of perverse magic as you appear to be oblivious to this sudden and startling change from mini to maxi cards but you proceed instead with your prediction effect by having the now regular sized pack freely cut by a member of the audience and a maxi card removed and then placed face down, next to the mini prediction card with its different coloured back.

When the mini and maxi cards are turned faces up by audience members they are an exact match!

Both the mini prediction card and the complete fifty-two pack of regular size cards can be left for the audience to examine.

There is no sign of the mini pack you started with.

*Requires no special skill, just a little handling practice.
*No palming or other sleights are involved.
*The mini prediction card can be changed at each performance.

Comes with quality mini playing cards & instructions.

Only £7.99

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