Comedy Psychic Prediction

Comedy Psychic Prediction

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A professional and entertaining prediction effect for your show! Several Jumbo B5 size envelopes are shown and you claim each contains a different major prize.

A lady from your audience selects a jumbo playing card which indicates which of the prizes she has won.

Please note there is no force she really does have a free choice from the fan of jumbo cards, all of which are shown to be different.

All the rejected prize envelopes are opened one by one and each of the prizes are shown to be major, such as a Rolls Royce car or One Million Pounds etc, but things are not what they at first appear, with lots of fun and laughter from the audience.

Finally, when the lady removes her prize card she has won a real flower (supply your own) which you have previously predicted in a delightful way!

*Nothing embarrassing or disappointing, the lady will enjoy the fun!
*Prize cards and envelopes can be freely examined.
*Ideal for close-up, cabaret or small stage. Great for television!
*Method used has baffled experienced magicians.
*Can be used as a straight forward prediction effect.
*Many Just Chance style variations are possible.
*Easy to do!

Comes complete with special laminated Jumbo B5 size cards, envelopes, routine & instructions.

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