Mouth Coil Classic - 40 Feet

Mouth Coil Classic - 40 Feet

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Set of 10 multi-coloured coils (Orange/White) when drawn from the mouth proves to be an orange and white streamer approx 40 feet long!

From a paper cone you eat some white tissue paper and then you drink some orange coloured liquid (you supply your own it is simply orange juice).

Reaching into your mouth you withdraw a long streamer that is white in the beginning and then orange, then alternatively white and orange in different lengths for a full 40 feet; making a sensational display!

The huge amount of paper being magically withdrawn from your mouth makes this effect appealing to all types of audiences.

Mouth Coil Classic comes complete with sufficient streamers for ten performances plus full instructions.

The effect is easy to do and you will learn it in no time at all!

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