Nomad Pad

Nomad Pad

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A real-world and highly reliable instant peek pad!

*Super-easy to use
*Looks like an innocent pad bought from any stationers
*Real-time access to the information
*Automatic & instant reset
*240 performances with included refills
*Fits in your pocket!

Comes complete with 1 Nomad Pad, 1 Nomad Pen, 1 Pad Refill
1 explanation booklet and 1 link to super online video tutorials! What more could 1 want!

"It's an outstanding improvement on our kopy kat portfolio which Lee and I put out. In fact, it was the first item we put out. A magnificent adaptation beautifully structured for close-up or even a platform performer. I highly recommend this outstanding device to any discerning mentalist. I'll be using it." - Larry Becker.

"Nikola has merged the best of clone pad and clone folio, converted it for close-up, and has added several clever improvements. Good thinking! I recommend it." - Lee Earle.

"This little device gives you plenty of confidence to hand the gimmick to a spectator since the gimmick is well locked away yet easily accessible if you know how. This hidden safety feature is a definite improvement over other such devices I have seen. I will be using this."
- Banacheck.

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