Zodiac Prediction

Zodiac Prediction

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Can the stars forecast your future? Do they influence your actions and decisions? This incredible close-up and walkabout effect is built on such a profound Astrological theme.

A random selected volunteer is chosen to come forwards while you draw attention to an envelope on the table. From the envelope are tipped out four different coloured poker chips.

The spectator freely selects any one – no force is used as they do have a perfectly free selection. Let’s say she chooses the green chip but they can choose any of the four colours.

Next, eight pictures of different animals are shown ranging from wild beasts to the more domestic cat and dog. The animal cards are numbered from one through to eight.

These are mixed and each creature is shown separately. The participant is asked, “Should you return as an animal in a future life – which of these would you choose to be?”

Again the choice is completely open, let’s say she selects the Elephant and you show that this bears the number three.

Finally a number of items are borrowed from the audience and laid out upon the table – again the participant makes her choice of one of these, let’s say she picks a credit card “The popular choice of the modern woman!” You may quip – if you dare!

From the envelope that has been in full view all the time the spectator herself takes the single card it contains – this proves to be a laminated printed card has a special Zodiac style reading for the participant, which as well as predicting her future, accurately names the colour of the freely chosen poker chip, the animal, the number and the chosen object!

The participant can either read out the prediction themselves for all to hear or they can check over your shoulder for accuracy as you read it out for them – perhaps with a little more drama, either way it is a stunning presentation that will make your reputation as a true master of the unusual and mysterious perhaps even in league with the Devil himself!

Zodiac Prediction comes complete with full routine and instructions, plus all the Poker Chips, laminated picture cards and special readings.

Our exclusive effect recently updated by Eddie Burke. Practical and easy to do! Sold at a bargain price:

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