Psychoportation - Sale Item 2018

Psychoportation - Sale Item 2018

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Another stunner by Devin Knight, teleport a borrowed driver's licence under near impossible conditions!

Two manila envelopes are shown, each is just large enough to hold a driver's licence.

Any spectator comes forwards. No stooge or pre-show work. He hands you his driver's licence which is dropped inside one of the manila envelopes. The performer marks a large 1 on the front of the envelope.

This envelope is then slipped inside a larger window envelope where it is seen through the clear window. The window envelope is then clipped closed with a paperclip and finally placed inside a clear plastic bag and given to the participant to hold.

The second manila envelope is then marked with the number 2 and shown to be empty. It really is and is not gimmicked in any way. The performer then slips this empty envelope inside another window envelope where it remains in full view through the clear window. The envelope is clipped closed with a paperclip and propped up on a table so the audience always sees it.

The performer causes the driver's licence to vanish from the envelope held by the participant. He opens the envelope marked 1 and it is empty. He can examine it as it is not gimmicked. His licence has completely vanished!

The performer calls attention to the envelope marked 2 that is inside the window envelope that has been in full view. This envelope is given to the participant. When he opens it he finds his driver's licence inside!

He may examine the envelope as it too is not gimmicked. Baffling beyond words!

Requires no skill, there is no palming and everything is done in a slow and smooth manner. Nothing used but the envelopes. The method will amaze you, so clever, yet so easy.
"Unbelievable! This, as Devin says, Can be a show stopper. The amount of work to make this happen- VERY LITTLE! That's what makes this so so nice. Not only is the magic that happens almost as real as magic can get, but it is so so easy to accomplish. If you never bought anything from Devin- I suggest you start with this one- YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!" Bob Kowalkowski.

"I loved Psychoportation - such an elegant and clever secret, and the routine is so tightly with pretty much all the items you release. You improve everything you touch. Your documentation is a model of completeness and thoughtfulness. You never disappoint me." - Josh Mandel.

Comes complete with envelopes & instructions.

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