Tossed Out Deck

Tossed Out Deck

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Are you a mind reader, hypnotist or mentalist? Do you think there is nothing better than having people really convinced that you can read minds? Then you should seriously consider David Hoy’s brilliant concept of the Tossed Out Deck.

Shuffle a pack of playing cards, tossing out the Jokers and leaving just fifty-two. Snap a rubber band around them and then toss them out into the audience.

With the pack in their own hands, three spectators each secretly peek at any card in the pack, remembering its name.

You appear to read their minds and call out the names of three cards. The audience will be astounded when the three volunteers announce that you have correctly named the very cards they have simply peeked at!

A miracle-type effect, do it anywhere you have an audience. Ideal as both an opening and a closing effect. All you carry is the pack of cards and a couple of rubber bands.

Tossed Out Deck is always ready to perform and it takes less than a second to reset ready for the next show. Simple direct mind reading at its very best!

No suspicious moves & no palming. Great audience participation. Totally bewildering to the uninitiated. Really easy to do.

Comes complete with pack of quality Bicycle playing cards & instructions.

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