Think of Three Numbers (incorporating The Psychological Entertainer)

Think of Three Numbers (incorporating The Psychological Entertainer)

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Three spectators are invited to stand and each is requested to think of their birth date (just the day, not the month) in their minds. In a demonstration of Numerology, these mentally thought of numbers are changed –again this only happen inside the participant’s own mind.

Immediately, you name three numbers – then check with each standing participant. All confirm that you have correctly revealed the secret numbers they each have in their mind!

Ken de Courcy was so impressed with this clever concept, that he has written an amusing and entertaining patter routine that adds just the right touch of professionalism to Think of Three Numbers: The Psychological Entertainer.

Many mentalists dismiss psychological forces as being too “hit and miss”; when you hit you have a ‘miracle’ that is impossible for the layman to explain. However, when you miss you can be most embarrassed! Inside this book & for the first time ever, Eddie reveals his sure-fire methods of creating ‘miracles’ of the mind. You can appear to mentally transmit anything! You will perform stunners with this professional dependable stuff! Forget the armchair theory – this works! A superb bonus effect.

Walk on stage and ask everyone present to think of his or her birth date. Point out a few people at random and immediately, no questions asked, reveal the date they were born. Alternatively, ask everyone to think of a playing card then point to people in the audience and correctly tell them the card they have in mind. Armchair theory? Definitely not, its good practical stuff from Eddie’s own stunning professional show!

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