Mind Probe

Mind Probe

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“ESP stands for Extra Sensory Perception. ESP also means Extra Special Performance.” - Bob Nelson. The perfect opener for your ESP programme.

You show two laminated approximately A4 size plaques each of which has four of the pictured designs upon it.

Any spectator mentally thinks of any of the drawings. Please note they simply think of the design from their seat in the audience.

Immediately you start to speak and describe the design, showing the plaques as you talk.

Taking a pad and pen (not supplied) you make a quick sketch upon it and then ask the spectator to describe their design to the rest of the audience.

Without any false moves you turn the pad so that the audience can see what you have drawn on the opposite side – it is an exact match of the drawing just described by the audience member!

An incredible visual effect that is ideal to open your show. No pre-show work is required. Very easy to do. No memory or calculations are required.

Supplied complete with the two laminated plaques and full instructions.

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