Coach Trip - Close-up model

Coach Trip - Close-up model

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Inspired by the popular television programme Coach Trip you invite five members of your audience to help you plan a suitable imaginary coach trip and they have a free choice of different destinations.

You have made a sealed prediction which is securely held by a member of the audience or left in full view.

You show five A6 Jumbo laminated cards that you have collected from five different imaginary coach companies and each of your five participants freely select one for themselves.

Each card has five different choices printed on their backs these being the cost of the Coach fare, Refreshment break, Hotel room, Dinner & wine/bar drinks. All the prices on each card are totally different and no price is repeated on another card.

Each participant freely chooses which item they would like and then these are written down in full view on a large pad with a felt tip pen (not supplied).

Once everyone is happy that their choice was completely free and random anyone totals up the costs involved and the total can be double checked with anyone’s calculator.
Everything seems very fair and above board.

When your prediction confirmation letter which has been in view from the very start is read out loud not only have you impossibly predicted the Coach Trips destination but also incredibly the exact cost to be paid by all five individual participants together with the exact total cost of the complete trip and there is even a tip for the driver!

To be honest we don’t understand how this works but it does so every time - perfectly.
A feature effect for stage, cabaret and close-up performances. Everything can even be examined. Fascinating and entirely self-working.

Comes complete with laminated Coach Cards, routine, prediction letters & instructions.

Only £15.99

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