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Five spectators are invited forwards to play the parts of either Angel or Thief. You show five laminated cards. Four contain the word ANGEL on them and the fifth card the word THIEF.

Each of the five participants shuffles these cards face down. Each in turn spells either ANGEL or THIEF a card for each letter, taking the last card as theirs. It is clear that no one could know which is the THIEF amongst the five.

All five approach the chairman and the thief steals your fee. All five participants return to their seats in the audience.

You have just TWO MINUTES to locate your missing cheque on pain of losing your fee for the night. The tension mounts!

Just when it seems all is lost – and at the very last moment – you locate the THIEF and retrieve your well-earned cheque to thunderous applause!

The very clever principle used can also be adapted to other presentations.

Comes complete with laminated cards & instructions.

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