Zeezo Hot Rod

Zeezo Hot Rod

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Based on Marvillo's Bomba Stick now better known as Hot Rod one of the most fantastic pocket tricks you could ever wish for!

This is the cleverest twist on this popular effect we have ever seen (and believe us, we've seen a lot!) We love it and so will your audience.

A small rod is shown to have six different coloured spots on each side. A spectator selects a colour and magically all the spots vanish except for the selected colour!

A classic pocket trick with a clever new twist! Great magic for all ages.

"...that new hotrod effect, it is something else Eddie...as I told you lost the one I had, but it handles beautifully, and , I think, that the revelation of first the blank side, and wiping action to reveal the force, really knocks their socks off." Neil McIntyre.

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