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Here we reveal a super secret method of performing a variety of mental & magical effects, using simple easy to obtain luggage labels.

Once you know this clever secret, you can: Identify different people by the handwriting or signature.

Instantly identify a deceased person’s name from living people. Reveal where a person plans to go on holiday, plus many more super mental type effects that will leave everyone totally bewitched, baffled and bewildered!

The effects can be done blindfolded, or you can locate names, colours, numbers, cities, horse names, etc behind your back.

We supply a few sample labels plus our suggested routines and instructions. You will be able to pick up fresh labels for a few pence, at most stationers. With a moment’s preparation, you are all ready to perform.

Please don’t be put off by the low price we charge – this effect has helped to make the reputation of more than one performer. Very easy to do. No skill required.

Only £4.99

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