Double Blank Discovery

Double Blank Discovery

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A freely selected playing card signed by a spectator mysteriously vanishes from the pack held by one spectator and amazingly reappears between two double-blank cards held under another spectator’s hand!

You hand two double blank cards (playing cards blank on both sides) out for examination and have a card freely selected from your own regular Bicycle pack, the value noted by the spectator and then mixed back into the deck once again.

The blank cards are squared together, a rubber band is snapped around them and they are placed upon the table where a spectator covers them with their hand.

A quick magical riffle of the pack, the rubber band is removed from the two blank cards which when taken from the spectator’s hand and separated the selected card is now magically between them!

The card may be signed by a spectator to prove it is the self-same card.

Please note the following points:
*The card is not forced in any way, a free choice.
*No palming is required.
*No rough & smooth, wax or sticky tape is used.
*The two blank cards are examinable before and after the effect.
*Your pack can then be used for further effects.
*Instant re-set makes this ideal for table-hopping.
*Easy to do requiring just a little handling practice!

Comes with blank cards & instructions. Use your own (red or blue backed) regular Bicycle pack.

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