Pocket Illusion - Odd Bin & Sale Item 2018

Pocket Illusion - Odd Bin & Sale Item 2018

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1 in stock. You show five special cards each of them showing one part of an illusion box on their faces, you also see the parts of a lovely assistant's body in the various parts of the box.

On the backs of these cards you see the wooden back of the illusion box.

You openly mix the different parts of the assistant's body but in a split second they are shown back in the correct order, it is all very mysterious! The cards can be immediately examined by your audience.

Next, you take out five more cards where not just the front of the box is open but the back also; so the mixed parts of the body can be seen clearly from both sides.

Once again the individual parts of the assistant's body will be magically back in the right order in a second!

I recommend this spectacular trick to those close-up artistes who want to perform an illusion and to the illusionists want to remain with their genre but in a close-up environment.

Only requires a minimal sleight of hand so can be learned easily.

Comes complete and ready for you to perform with easy to follow pictorial illustrated instructions. 1 in stock.

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