Jackpot Bags Odd Bin Item

Jackpot Bags Odd Bin Item

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1 in stock. You show four small bags each a different colour – together with a file, boldly numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4. Three members of the audience freely choose any number for themselves, and they do have a completely free choice, leaving just one number for you, the performer.

You open the front of the number file (no flaps or double sides are used in this version). It can be seen to be divided into the four colours, matching the four bags. Each colour has a bold number on it from 1 to 4.

The three spectators are passed the correct coloured bag for their number. Inside they each find a small gift – such as a lucky charm, a short horoscope reading or a fortune telling fish. The performer opens his bag to discover it is full of genuine banknotes or an expensive piece of jewellery!

You supply the gifts and the banknotes etc. We supply the bags and other apparatus. Only one folder is used. You are going to love the beautiful method in this improved model. No skill is required. Just half an hour handling practice and you will be all ready to perform this unique effect.

Please don’t confuse this with any other inferior trick with a similar sounding name; this is a quality product that you will enjoy performing repeatedly. 1 in stock.

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