Ring on Stick by Eddie Burke

Ring on Stick by Eddie Burke

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A sensational magical classic! You borrow any kind of stick or rod, such as a drum stick, long pencil, a knitting needle or use your own magic wand.

A ring is borrowed from a member of the audience and the stick is held at both ends by two people.

Taking the ring you tap it on the centre of the stick and suddenly it is seen to have penetrated onto the stick’s centre without either spectator letting go of their respective ends!

We give you several methods of performing this classic magic including:

*Street Entertainer Eric Alsop’s method.
*With Borrowed Items – super impromptu method.
*A Good Vanish – using a prop you may already own.
*Ring Box Steal – one of Eddie’s favourites.
*Eddie Joseph’s Classic Method.

Please note all the methods are explained thoroughly using pictures throughout and all are easy to do requiring just a little handling practice.

No special fake rings, magnets or similar are required!

17-page A4 book with photograph illustrations throughout.
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