Acrobatic Clowns - Mr E

Acrobatic Clowns - Mr E

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A superb fun trick to carry in your pocket and which is always ready to perform. Ideal for both children and adults' shows.

You show two pictures of Acrobatic Clowns one female and one male, each approx 10 inches by 6.5 inches; both of which has been sliced into five parts, making a total of ten different laminated cards.

You demonstrate how the parts can be changed about to form comical mixed-up pictures. All the parts can be handled by audience members at any time as they are completely unfaked.

You now mix both pictures together, faces down, and an audience member also decides how he wants the pictures mixed together. It is clear that the pictures must be very well shuffled and when assembled will look very funny indeed. But your audience has forgotten that these clowns are also acrobats!

Imagine everyone's surprise when all the parts are turned faces upwards and they are in the correct order to form complete pictures of the two clowns, each with its proper head at the top and all five parts in the correct order right down to their toes. It is really both amazing and baffling!

The effect can immediately be repeated to the same group of people and unless they know the secret they won’t have a clue to how it is done.
Please note:
*The pictures can be examined; no double sided pieces or similar methods are used.
*Very easy to do and completely baffling – you will even baffle yourself the first time you do it!
*Carry them in your pocket and use them anywhere – anytime.
*Tried & trusted method that can be used in other tricks.
*Pictures are laminated and should last you a lifetime.
*No sleight of hand is required.
*A mini type close-up illusion carried in your pocket.

Comes complete you will learn it in minutes from our easy-to-follow instructions! Based on a clever subtlety by Paul Curry.

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