Little Earner

Little Earner

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Little Earner plus Just Colour Chance! Two terrific tricks for the price of one!

Explaining that the effect you are about to perform is a modern con trick called Little Earner and performed by Con artistes on the street, you show three face down laminated cards.

You now ask a spectator to take a £10 note from his pocket and place it onto any one of the cards, a second spectator places his own £20 note on a second card and the third card is left for you.

The faces of the two money cards are now shown and the first participant has correctly placed his £10 on the card with £10.00 boldly printed on its face and the second spectator has placed his £20 on the card with £20.00 boldly printed on its face.

The surprise comes when you show the face of the card they left for you, when they fully understand why you called the effect Little Earner as you pick up and pocket their money! (You do give it back later!)

BONUS Effect: Also supplied with instructions & apparatus for my original routine Just Colour Chance, read below what Roy Baker has to say about it!

The method explained can be adopted to many other effects.
Can also be used with other objects with the predictions written on your business cards. Easy to do.

“This is the most logical Just Chance ever, nothing seeming fairer could be devised.“ Roy baker.

Comes with the laminated cards, coloured cards for Just Colour Chance bonus effect & instructions.

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