Super Heroes

Super Heroes

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A mental effect suitable for both your children & adults’ shows

You show four A5 size laminated pictures of super heroes (and a super heroine!) these being Spiderman, Batman, Superwoman and Superman. The pictures are completely unfaked and so can be freely handled by any members of your audience.

Each picture is now sealed separately into four C5 size envelopes (approx 162mm x 229mm) and then the envelopes are freely mixed together.

You now hold up any one of the envelopes and a spectator (which may be the birthday child) uses their intuition to guess which super hero is sealed inside the envelope.

They have a completely free choice, no force is used. Let us say they choose Superman, their choice is then boldly written on the address side of the envelope.

This is continued with two more envelopes either the same or a different spectator guesses which picture is inside each envelope in turn and their free choice is also written boldly onto that envelope with a permanent marker pen.

One envelope is left and onto this you write the name of the super hero that no one has selected.

When the spectators themselves remove the pictures from their own envelopes in each and every case all the participants have correctly divined their very own SUPER HERO!

Everything can be left for the audience to examine and they will find; no double envelopes, no extra pictures (only four are used) and no fakes of any kind.

Super Heroes comes complete with instructions plus the four pictures and C5 envelopes, all ready for you to perform. Use your own marker pen.

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