Gyrater, Devin Knight - Odd Bin Item

Gyrater, Devin Knight - Odd Bin Item

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You have a playing card selected, no force, and returned to the deck. The pack is shuffled and seven or eight cards are dealt face down into an arc shape.

You now introduce your card case and say that this is your pet, 'Casey'. Casey is well trained and can find selected cards.

You hold the card case above your hand and command, "Casey, stay." The card case remains suspended in the air. Next you say, "Chase your tail." The deck revolves 360 degrees in the air. "Play dead!" the card case drops into your hand.

Now you say Casey will find the spectator's card and holding the case on your palm you extend it into the arc of playing cards. "Casey, please find the card." Amazingly, the case floats up off your palm about half an inch and begins to move back and forth from left to right.

Finally, the case stops moving and drops back into your hand. The tip of the spade on the card case is pointing directly to a card. The spectator turns this over it is his selected playing card!

One of the most commercial and novel ways to find a selected card ever devised.

The case can just be made to float and revolve in the air without using it to find a card. You can also make a credit card float and revolve.

A great gag is to take an envelope and say, "This is my impression of airmail!" The envelope rises up, floats and revolves, and can even be passed for examination!

No threads or magnets used and the deck is ungimmicked. No rubber band or elastic, no mechanical devices or pulleys, nothing to break. Can be instantly repeated. Easy to do with very little practice needed.

Comes with gimmick & instructions. Use your own card case but we recommend a Bicycle Rider pack because of the large Spade decoration that these have on their front. 1 in stock.

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