The Ouija Card

The Ouija Card

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Entertainers searching for something truly weird & spooky for their close-up or walkabout performances, can stop looking - it's right here! ‘Diamond Jim’s Ouija Card’ is guaranteed to send ghostly shivers down the spine of any spectator.

A spectator chooses a playing card and concentrates on its name. You remove the Ouija Board from your pocket together with a lightweight planchette.

You place the planchette onto the centre of the Ouija board and call upon the ‘spirits’ to answer your questions. You ask if the card is RED. The planchette begins to wiggle mysteriously and then moves to YES!

“Was it a Heart?” The planchette comes to life again and moves to NO! Establishing that it was a Diamond card. You command the ‘spirits’ to know the identity of the card. The planchette moves indecisively across the board and then finally points to the correct number.

Remember, the planchette seems to have a life of its own, moving mysteriously around the board, while your hands hold it on either side.

No table is required. The board is about the same size as a jumbo playing card.

Your audience, besides being totally ‘spooked’, will be curious to see the Ouija Board. When the board is flipped over it reveals a large replica (about jumbo card sized) of the selected card, creating a fabulous double-whammy!

Surprisingly, the Ouija Card and the planchette are both passed out for the audience’s inspection. They will find nothing to give them a clue as to its working. Your Ouija Board has been professionally laminated to last a long time.

Use your own pack of playing cards for the initial selection. A mysterious novelty effect that you are going to love performing. Always ready to perform and easy to do.

Comes with jumbo card sized Quija Card & instructions.

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