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The examinable signed card to box! You pass out a small pocket size black and silver box for examination (it’s like a mini drawer box but is completely unfaked) taking a playing card from your pack you sign its face, fold it into quarters and place it inside the box.

You then wrap the box with rubber bands and leave it in full view or give it to a spectator to hold.

Any spectator now freely selects a playing card (no force) and signs their name across its face and this card is mixed back into the pack. You now attempt to find their card but fail; instead you find your own signed card that should still be inside the box.

The box which has never left the audience’s sight is now opened and the folded card inside shown and then tipped out for the spectator to unfold; incredibly this proves to be the spectator’s actual SIGNED card which is now missing from the pack!

Everything can now be left for the audience to examine without a clue to how it is done.

This has to be the ultimate signed card to box; remember the box can be examined before and after the effect as it is completely unfaked in any way.

The routine as explained above is very easy to do and you will be able to perform it immediately with just a little handling practice.

Instead of the two cards apparently changing places we also explain an alternative handling in which the signed chosen card mysteriously appears in the box while it has been in full view on your table.

We supply the quality black & silver box which is approximately 60mm long x 49mm wide x 31mm deep with matchbox style opening, together with marvellous routines & full instructions.

Use your own playing cards and permanent marker pen.

Ideal for close-up, table-hopping and street magic!

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