Psychic Testing Book

Psychic Testing Book

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You show an illustrated ‘ESP Testing Book’ displaying it page by page, each of which are seen to contain a different symbol, a three-digit number and the name of a country.

Any spectator opens the book and secretly notes the symbol on his chosen page. A lady also opens to a different page and remembers a three-digit number.

A third spectator calls stop on any page as you flick through them and secretly notes the name of the country they stopped at.

Taking a large drawing pad and black marker pen (not supplied) you appear to read each of their minds accurately writing their mentally chosen Symbol, Number and Country onto your pad to tremendous applause from your audience!

Alternatively you can appear to correctly predict their choices writing them down before they even make them.

We supply the substantially made A5 size ESP Testing Book together with the suggested routines & full instructions. A stunning mental effect that is easy to do!

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