Aldo On Trost Vol. 2 DVD

Aldo On Trost Vol. 2 DVD

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The second of a 4-DVD set based on the brilliant card magic of Nick Trost. All tricks are performed with a regular deck of playing cards.

A SIMPLE COINCIDENCE: A spectator selects a card. You spread the deck to reveal a face-up Ten in the centre. The spectator's card is the other red Ten!

THE NINES FIRST: A card is selected. A second card is chosen and both turn out to be Nines, a packet of cards contains exactly nine cards and the last card is a Nine and this card finds the other Nine!

A PUZZLING ASSEMBLY: Using the court cards, the spectators separate the four Jacks, the Queens and the Kings!

THE TWENTY-TWENTY PREDICTION: A series of amazing coincidences where the number 20 takes a very important place!

THE LUCKY ROYAL FLUSH: The spectator cuts the deck into piles. He locates the four Aces. The piles are turned face up and you reveal the Royal Flush in Spades!

THE TROST FOUR-ACE ROUTINE: A three-phase routine using the four Aces, where all the Aces, at the end, are turned face up in the middle of the face-down deck!

PREDICTING RED, BLACK & COURTS: You lay four predictions on the table. A spectator shuffles the deck. The predictions are correct revealing the number of red cards, black cards & court cards. You won't believe it until you do it!

THE AMBITIOUS JACKS: This is a three-phase routine where the Jacks reveal themselves as ambitious cards & always assemble to the top of the deck!

VALUE/COLOUR PREDICTION: You place two pairs of cards on the table. A spectator takes (freely) two cards. Your cards reveal the value and the colour of the selections!

THE SUB-TRUNK MYSTERY: You show a version of the famous Substitution Trunk Mystery using a deck of cards. The KS (magician) and the QH (assistant) change place in the deck of cards!

Running time approximately 46 minutes.

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