Aldo On Trost Vol. 3 - DVD

Aldo On Trost Vol. 3 - DVD

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Magic of Nick Trost. All the tricks are performed with a regular deck of cards.

A TRIPLE TRANSPORTATION: Cards are following 'indicators' with a stunning triple change/transposition!

JAZZ 1-2-3-4 REVISITED: The A-2-3-4 of Spades & four other cards are shown. The A-2-3-4 are placed between the other cards & they vanish one after the other to assemble in one packet!

DOUBLE WHAMMY PREDICTION: You remove two predictions. A spectator selects two cards and these are shown to be mates!

THE MAGNETIC ACES: Two freely selected cards are used to find the four Aces!

SORCERER'S SEVENS: Using only the low cards, a spectator selects four cards & surprisingly these turn out to be all Sevens. He then inserts two of the Sevens face up in the middle of the packet. The face-down cards above and below each seven are shown to total seven. No other adjacent cards total seven!

FIFTEEN CARD MYSTERY: A card is chosen & three packets of 5 cards each are dealt. The selection moves from one packet to another, disappears and reappears face up in the middle of the packet!

CARDS OF COINCIDENCE: A startling matching effect. Four selected cards match your predictions and then you reveal the four Aces!

ANOTHER OIL & QUEENS: Four Kings & four Queens are alternated. Two Kings and two Queens are placed upon the table. The in-hand packet changes to four Queens, while the tabled packet changes to four Aces. Then the four Queens change to Kings!

FOUR OF A KIND: A spectator selects a card (say a red King) and then another one, the other red King. One of the Kings is inserted into the deck and finds the two black Kings!

COURT CARD CONCLAVE: The deck is shuffled and the face cards removed. They are shown in pairs and each pair is mixed in colour & value. Magically, all are now matching pairs!

Running time approximately 51 minutes.

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