Jokers All

Jokers All

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You write three predictions which are handed to three members of the audience and they are asked not to look at them just yet.

Talking about Numerology, each spectator is asked to think of a number and each freely selected number is used to choose a card from a packet of playing cards.

When the three predictions are checked against their chosen cards you are 100% correct, but there’s more to come...

For when the rest of the cards are spread out they are all JOKERS!

Everything can be left with your audience for examination without a clue as to the mystery you have performed.

Can also be performed by having just one card selected and your prediction then reads ‘You Will Not Select a Joker;’ The spectator’s choice is a normal playing card while the rest of the packet then prove to be all jokers!

Comes complete with the quality Bicycle playing cards & instructions.

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