Mind-Control Symbols (Eddie Burke)

Mind-Control Symbols (Eddie Burke)

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A brilliant mental style effect in which you appear to control a volunteer’s mind! With Mind-Control Symbols you appear to be able to do just that.

You show eight different laminated small cards, on each is a different symbol. These have been specially designed for “mind control experiments”, you claim. The symbols appear familiar to your audience, but they cannot quite put their finger on just why. The full face of each symbol is clearly shown and only eight are used, no extra cards.

Any spectator who volunteers simply thinks of any one of the symbols – there is positively no force of any kind used. He really does have a perfectly free choice. They take their chosen symbol out and hold it secured between their palms. You now show the backs of the seven symbol cards left, each has a single word printed on it and sealed inside the plastic lamination, the word on each and every card is ‘Control!’ You explain that these are all the control cards in your experiment. The spectator themselves turn over the chosen symbol card – it proves to be the only card with ‘MIND’ printed on it, completing your short sentence ‘Mind-Control!’ – proof positive that you have somehow controlled the mind of the volunteer in your mind control experiment!

Now a few points:
*There is no force of symbol; it really is a perfectly free choice. It is different every time.
*Ideal for close-up and walkabout performances.
*Drop the cards back into your pocket; they are automatically re-set for the next table or group of people.
*No sticky tape, rough & smooth, wax or other sticky substances are used.

Supplied complete with cards and full instructions.

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