ESP by Design (Mr. 'E')

ESP by Design (Mr. 'E')

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This exciting effect is ideal for cabaret, close-up or walkabout work.

An envelope that holds one large card is shown & left in full view. The card protrudes out of the top of the envelope. You claim that this is a prediction of a card that will later be chosen.

Thirty-four laminated cards are freely shown, each has an individual design on it. The backs of the cards are all blank, so there is no possibility of their being marked in any way.

The cards are mixed then fanned face down for a participant to select any one. He really does have a free choice. At this point, you have no idea which design the participant has chosen. The large card is removed from the envelope and shown. It proves to have every design printed on it, a sure-fire laugh!

However, you still don’t know which design the participant has chosen, although he does admit that his design is somewhere on the card – among the other thirty-plus signs.

You ask him to concentrate. Slowly, you start to describe the chosen design, finally hitting onto the correct one. It appears that you read the spectator’s mind.

The design cards are again mixed and two spectators cut off a number of cards each, immediately holding the cut to design against their chest without looking. You turn your back and the first spectator simply glances at his cut-to design.

You take your notepad & pen and immediately duplicate this first participant’s chosen design. You can even do it with your back still turned.

The second participant (still with your back turned) shows the rest of the audience his design and they all concentrate on it. Taking the pad you slowly and in full view of the audience, appear to read their collective minds – slowly but surely, a line at a time, drawing the exact design, they are concentrating on. It’s a miracle!

While NO pre-show work is required for the above routine, if you are doing any TV stage or cabaret work this is the ideal method to get advance information ready for showtime or during your actual live performance.

Comes with a small prediction card, a large A4 prediction card, 34 laminated design cards & instructions. Use your own notepad and pen.

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