Confusion of Errors

Confusion of Errors

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Here is one of my favourite comedy mindreading effects that is easy to do, packs small & plays BIG. A hit every time it’s performed, based on a trick I saw Al Koran do many years ago. It is now yours to enjoy performing!

Using a deck of 52 playing cards you ask three members of the audience to stand and each think of a number (no number force). As the numbers are revealed each participant receives the card associated with their individual number.

You announce that you will read their minds and reveal their chosen card and this you proceed to do but something strange is happening, it is becoming obvious to your audience that all the volunteers are thinking of the same playing card.

Suspicion is aroused that you are using a deck that contains fifty-two identical cards; which you freely admit is the case.

However, when you spread the pack out, you have cannily taken the entire audience up the garden path – for you are holding a completely BLANK deck!

Please note the following:

• The selected cards will be entirely different on repeat performances
• No switch of pack is involved.
• Requires no skill except that of presentation
• We supply the special Bicycle poker size cards.
• Resets in just a few seconds.
• Full routine & patter are included

Comes complete with quality Bicycle playing cards & instructions.

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