Cartemania DVD

Cartemania DVD

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The incredible card magic of Didier Dupré. Routines created by Dupré himself and performed by Aldo Colombini.

Dupré made a huge impact in Europe with his card magic and in the USA as well through our DVDs. He shares here ten terrific routines.

MINI-TURBULENCE: Three freely selected cards placed between the four Aces disappear and reappear between the four face-up Queens!

COME TOGETHER 2: Two packets; four Queens and four Kings. One packet changes into four Ten of Spades, and the other changes into a Royal Flush!

CANNIBAL CARDS: The classic theme where selected cards (missionaries) are placed between the Kings (cannibals), disappear and reappear face up in the middle of the deck (jungle)!

THE BLEEDING MARK: A selected card from a blue-backed deck is stabbed and the same card in the red-backed deck is found bleeding! Weird and bizarre magic!

EMPTY OIL & WATER: An easy oil & water where the red and black cards separate and at the end you produce the four Aces!

POKER IMAGINATION: Five double-backed cards clearly shown on both sides change into a poker hand with four Aces!

THE MYSTERY CARD: A card previously placed in the hand of a spectator turns out to be the selected card!

EASY ACAAN: Any-card-at-any-number: A two-deck version of the classic theme. Easy to do and very strong!

MATRI-XXXX: Incredible magic. You draw four X's on each corner of the back of a selected card. The X’s move one at a time to one corner and then reappear ON THE FACE of the card!

CLUB SANDWICH: Two cards are selected. One card appears a few times between two jokers and then switches place with the other selected card!

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