Tara's Bell

Tara's Bell

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You show a call bell, removing it from its box and passing it to be examined. You explain that it belonged to a fortuneteller, Madam Tara who is now deceased. Since her death, the bell has proven to have strange qualities. A Tarot card is placed face down and the bell placed on top of it, a spectator taking charge of them.

A packet of about thirty Tarot cards is shown. They are well mixed. You deal the cards individually face down and at any time the participating spectator operates Tara’s bell to stop you on any card. This card is laid to one side. You now turn the cards dealt both before and after the selected one, showing they are different. The pile of cards dealt onto the table are turned face upwards – and the cards not so far dealt are also shown, the spectator could have stopped you on any of these. Both the chosen card and the prediction card are now turned face upwards – and wham! They match each other exactly!

Twenty of the Tarot cards are now taken and shuffled by a spectator. The bell is placed back inside its box and the lid closed. One Tarot card is now freely chosen – no force – then mixed back into the packet. Cards are now dealt one by one face down – suddenly the bell inside the box is heard to ring. Please note: It really is the bell in the box which rings. The card just dealt is turned face upwards – it proves to be the freely selected card!

We supply the Call Bell complete with its box, the Tarot cards and full, clear instructions. The effect is very easy to do, needing just a few minutes handling practice.

Tara’s Bell is 100% practical and 100% certain in operation & perfect close-up or for small audiences. Ring for yours today!

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