Drinking Game Mre

Drinking Game Mre

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Drinking Game is a superb close-up or stand-up effect either as a prediction or a comical just chance in which the spectator misses out on the alcohol!

You show five cards each with a number on the back from one to five.

During the “Drinking Game” your spectator chooses one numbered card for himself and you get the other four.

When the cards are shown you have four cards each with picture of an alcoholic drink on the opposite side. While the spectator ends up with MILK!

In an alternative routine you can correctly predict which drink from five alcoholic drinks that the spectator will choose.

The prediction can prove different every time you perform it, and the MILK prediction can also be changed to COLA as an alternative.

•Supplied complete with A6 (approx 100mm x 140mm) laminated picture cards.
•Easy to do requiring no sleight of hand or secret moves.
•Cards can be left for examination with the audience.
•Uses a little-known method that you will LOVE performing.

Comes with full routine & instructions.

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